Saturday, July 25, 2009

People by day

P.1 - Bike cops, Mission district, San Francisco, May 2009.

P.2 - Theater Festival, San Francisco, July 2009.

P.3 - Unimpressed at the SF Theater Festival, July 2009.

P.4 - Performers on break, SF Theater Festival, July 2009.

P.5 - Interesting character, Golden Gate Park, June 2009.

P.6 - Colorful characters during Alice's free music in the park, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, June 2009.

P.7 - Family listening to Gavin Rossdale, Golden Gate Park, SF, June 2009.

P.8 - Prom night, Seattle, May 2009.

P.9 - A poet, Seattle, May 2009.

P.10 - Playing chess, Starbuck's, Alameda, June 2009.

P.11 - Infant napping on his mother's lap, Starbuck's, June 2009.

P.12 - Buskers, San Francisco, CA. July 2009.

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