Monday, July 27, 2009

Inaugeration day

I.1 - From slavery to history.

I.2 - Visitors walking towards the mall just before the start of the inauguration.

I.3 - Waiting.

I.4 - In front of the World War II Memorial.

I.5 - Watching the monitors.

I.6 - In front of the Washington Monument.

I.7 - Art that survived the hordes of visitors unscathed.

I. 8 - After the crowds have gone.

I.9 - Weary visitors taking refuge in the Freer Gallery.


  1. Hi! I like the new blog. I love photos, but I always seem to forget to take my camera with me, so it's nice to be a voyeur on your world and see the things you see with your camera. Some of these photos are very evocative - you have a good eye.

  2. Thanks Embee! I appreciate that.

  3. thanks for letting me experience the inaugeration day. Beautiful.

  4. Fantastic shots and great spirit !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  5. Thanks BabYpose, Unseen Rajasthan, for the kind comments! I appreciate you stopping by.

  6. these pics are a trip. in a good way. i've never seen dc up close and personal, and your shots are somehow a LOT different than the canned stuff you get on tv! and that is a good thing!

  7. Thanks Drollgirl, if you ever go get a chance to go, it's so worth it just for the museums. It's a beautiful city.

    And, you're right, it was a different experience being right there. I was so glad I went, despite the freezing cold. The energy in the air was palpably full of joy and excitement. And though I only saw the president on the monitors at least I can always say I was there!

  8. I wish I had been able to be there! I watched it on tv with my kitten, and she wore a red/white/and blue bow! Why was that art held down with those red straps?!



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