Monday, July 27, 2009

Inaugeration day

I.1 - From slavery to history.

I.2 - Visitors walking towards the mall just before the start of the inauguration.

I.3 - Waiting.

I.4 - In front of the World War II Memorial.

I.5 - Watching the monitors.

I.6 - In front of the Washington Monument.

I.7 - Art that survived the hordes of visitors unscathed.

I. 8 - After the crowds have gone.

I.9 - Weary visitors taking refuge in the Freer Gallery.

People and politics

J.1 - Peace activists, Washington D.C.

J.2 - Protesters, Washington D.C.

J.3 - Peace, San Francisco, April 2008.

J.4 - Protester being outshouted by counterprotesters, SF, April 2008.

J.5 - The first lady of Taiwan visits the world's first Starbuck's, Seattle, May 2009.

People and art

A.1 - In front of portraits of Obama and McCain, Martin Schoeller exhibit, National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

A.2 - In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, February 2009.

A.3 - Contemplating art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, Feb. 2009.

A.4 - Well dressed visitors, painting of a well dressed woman, the Met, NYC, Feb. 2009.

A.5 - My niece Vivienne not daring to take her eyes off of Ron Mueck's Big Man, The Hirschorn, March 2009.

A.6 - Drawing workshop, 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA, August 2009.

A.7 - Artists drawing, 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA, August 2009.

People and places

K.1 - New York subway, February 2009.

K.2 - Model hopefuls, Las Vegas, October, 2008.

K.3 - First communion, San Francisco, April, 2009.

K.4 - First communion, SF, April, 2009.

K.5 - Nuns, San Francisco, April, 2009.


L. 1 - Asian Art Museum, April, 2008.

L. 2 - First communion confetti and alcohol, April 2009.

L. 3 - Store on Mission St. SF, May 2009.

L. 4 - Anthropologie, SF, December 2008.

L. 5 - Fao Schwartz, NYC, February 2009.

L.6 - Store window, Capitola, CA, August 2009.


M. 1 - First communioners, San Francisco, April 2009.

M.2 - Young street performers, San Francisco, April 2009.

M.3 - Children exploring a firetruck during the annual firefighter's breakfast, Alameda, July 2009.

M. 4 - My nieces and nephews, the Washington Monument, Washington D.C., August 2008.

M.5 - Olivia, Philadelphia, August 2008.

M.6 - Teacher and toddlers, Seattle, May 2009.

M.7 - Vivienne clutching her toy puppy while the injured family dog sits in the background, Philadelphia, August 2008.

M.8 - Attya at three, Annapolis MD.

M.9 - Sam trying not to look cute, California coast, June 2008.

M.10 - Olivia, Los Angeles, June 2008.

M.11 - The girls, Maryland, September 2008.

M.12 - Dog and boy, Maryland, October 2008.

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